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New work

Friday, January 20th, 2017

In spite of good intentions, there continues to be too much time between postings.¬† That’s not to say things don’t happen, but perhaps not so much happens that you would be interested in!

Like, do you care that I finally got the sales tax filed?¬† I didn’t think so, but still, it took a lot of time to get the info together and sent.

I completed two small pieces, one a 12 x 12″ bird challenge piece for my local art group that I won’t reveal until after our next meeting on Thursday, and a 6 x 8″ for the auction at the SAQA Convention in the spring.


These little pieces will be matted so the edges are only zigzagged.

I started a new fire piece since I needed a new landscape and all of these fabrics were still out on the cutting table from the last ones.

This is after the first working day and so far, I’m liking it.¬† I intend to post progress shots as I go, we’ll see how that goes!

Catching Up

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Last week, I finished the watercolor of the Giant Swallowtail on the Zinnias.¬† It’s hard to know when to stop.¬† Perhaps I should have stopped sooner, but at least I did finally stop!¬† My favorite watercolors are those that look fresh and spontaneous, and not overworked. This was beginning to go there!GiantSwallowtail

I started a new one, of my late Komondor, Griffin.¬† I used mask to define the edges of some of his cords and let the background wash flow down into that area to give depth and shadow. After lifting some of the color and softening the edges of the masked area, I am ready to attempt the definition of the cords. My instructor, Ye, said “Oh, another complicated one!” I think he does not quite know what to do with me!griffWatercolor1

I also finally made my offering for this year’s SAQA¬† 12 x 12″ Benefit Auction.¬† The deadline is coming up so I decided this year to forego my usual pieced format and go with a whole cloth hand dyed piece.¬† When I first saw this piece of fabric, I saw within it, a woodland scene. It reminded me of looking ahead through the trees to what might be a clearing up ahead, so I free motion machine quilted the trees and the foreground foliage.¬† I think I might call it “Through The Trees”.¬† 12x12-2016450

SAQA Auction Sale

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Word just in that “Red Bellied Woodpecker” has sold, raising $550.00 for SAQA! Thank you Susan Arnold!!

SAQA Benefit Auction

Monday, September 28th, 2015

The SAQA 12 x 12″ Benefit Auction started last week. With the preview auction and the Week 1 pieces, already 87 works of art have sold raising $25,700 for SAQA to fund their¬† traveling exhibits.


My offering, “Red Bellied Woodpecker is in the Week 2 schedule which starts today at 2PM EDT. Check it out!

Finished the Woodpecker

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

I finished the little 12 x 12″ quilt for the SAQA auction last week and got it sent off to them. It was adapted from a photo I took of the woodpecker on the sunflower seed feeder. I gave him a nicer place to sit. Well, prettier, anyway.


I used a variety of black and white fabrics, mostly zebra prints. Here’s what I pulled off the shelves in the beginning,


and here is what I actually used.


These little pieces don’t use a lot of fabric but still you need a lot of choices!

It’s been a cool and rainy week so everything is lush and beautiful. I try to get outside every day and weed or trim to keep it in check. Soon it will get hot and dry and it will be a different story, so we enjoy it while we can!

The first perfect rose

perfectroseKansas Blizzard Iris


SAQA Auction Purchase

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

The little quilt that I got from the SAQA Benefit Auction has arrived and I love it! It is called “Perfect Storm Jazzy Dance” and was made by Joan Sowada. I have admired her work for a long time and really like her use of fabrics, so was happy to be able to get his one! Her technique is raw edge fused applique with inked details and machine quilting.


My donation to the Auction, “Iris” comes up for bid next week. It is entirely pieced from hand dyed fabrics and heavily machine quilted. This picture is a little too dark.


Good News, Bad News

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Good news, this week, “Bignonia” went out to AQS Des Moines,


and “Snow Buddies” to LaConner in Washington; SnowBuddies


also the little Yorkie 12 x 12 quilt was sent to Houston for their Benefit Auction. Can you find the changes I made?


The SAQA Silent Auction starts next week; check it out at

My entry, “Iris”, comes up in the third week, I believe.

Bad news this week from Houston, “Fur Family Portrait” did not win anything in “Raining Cats and Dogs” and apparently “Jesse At The Lake” did not either as I have not heard anything about that. Well, it’s good to have at least gotten work in and hanging there!

It’s been rainy and cooler here and I’ve dug a bunch of Surprise Lily bulbs to get them out of my flower beds. They need a place of their own. They were especially beautiful this year, but they crowd their neighbors too much and just have to move! I have lots to do outside now with cooler weather.

Working and Changing

Monday, August 25th, 2014

I’ve been working on the Yorkie and finished the first half.


Not at all happy with the squiggly blue on white background but I have a shortage of nice lights. I’ll have to dig a little deeper!


While working on the face, I found this one in the stash that has the right colors; it will work much better, so I redid the first half.

yorkiehalf2Much better!

IQF Houston, Silent Auction

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

It is an honor to be invited to participate in the Silent Auction at the Quilt Festival in Houston and I usually try to send something, especially when I have something showing there…..This year I will have two things at the show, one in “Raining Cats and Dogs” and one in “World of Beauty”. I like to have my Silent Auction piece reflect my entry, so this year I am doing a dog.


I like to make my photo in black and white as it is easier to see through the tracing paper that I use to do the layout. I generally ad hints and clues that will help later on, like the direction of the fur and the darkness of the eyes and nose.


After finishing the layout last week I spent some time transferring everything to the freezer paper and marking the tic marks to aid in the sewing,¬† pulling fabrics that might work and did some cutting in preparation for the sewing. It’s good to be working again!

Lost Time

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

I am woefully behind, can’t believe it has been so long since I have posted, but I have been busy!

I did manage to get a photo of “Jesse At The Lake”, on display at the art guild.¬† This guy was impressed that¬† I had even included the pulley mechanism!


With the sewing machine off to the shop getting cleaned I was able to spend some time working outside and drawing some new projects for later.¬† After I got the sewing machine back, I made 25 more matted 4X6’s to donate to the Topeka Art Guild’s fundraiser, last time I checked there were only 7 left.¬† 30 @ $7.50 = $225.00 for them- nothing for me!

I also made my annual 12 x 12 for the SAQA auction, which needs to be there by the 1st of June.  It went into the mail this morning.  I had a challenge to use the hand dyed material


that I made at an art quilting group that I belong to, so I used those fabrics in the flower and leaves plus another hand dye by Judy Robertson for the background.


The little quilts will be auctioned off online this fall.

While the dogs quilt was hanging on the design wall, finished, I saw something that bothered me, so after I got my machine back I fixed that; time was becoming an issue as it needed to be entered soon.

Actually there were quite a few entries that needed to be made, entries that were due from May 29 РJune 6, so for the last two days I have entered IQA World of Beauty and Raining Cats and Dogs, AQS, DesMoines, Aullwood and the SAQA auction.  It sounds easy, but involves getting and preparing photos with differing requirements for each one and generally jumping through a lot of hoops.