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Busy Week

Sunday, May 8th, 2016

It’s been a busy week. Classes finished except for one last critique session next Tuesday.  I hope I continue to paint and do my Yoga through the summer.

I found a little time to machine quilt on the Kansas landscape and it it coming along nicely. The bird feeders are just outside the studio window by my sewing machine, so I have been enjoying the many different birds that come. A couple of very special ones this week was a Rose Breasted Grosbeak and an Orchard Oriole.


He has been here before. He stops in for a break on his way to wherever his nesting ground must be.  I wish he would stay here with us, he is gorgeous!

I didn’t know what I was seeing with the Orchard Oriole. I knew it was an oriole because it was on the Hummingbird feeder and was marked like an Oriole, but it was smaller and very dark. Black and a deep, almost black russet.  I friend identified it for me and I looked it up in the bird books. I was afraid, like the Grosbeak, that it was just passing through, but the next day it was still here and I also saw the female, a pretty green bird, so, fingers crossed, I hope they will stay and nest here!

The Seasonal Palette exhibit with my December Dawn


is showing now in Taiwan and Betty Busby posted this photo that she took of it.


It’s fun to see how they have displayed it. Starting on the left with the wintertime quilts you progress through the seasons. Mine is way over on the far left. The exhibit has one more showing here in the states then December Dawn will go on to it’s new home!

Another Sale!

Friday, August 7th, 2015

“December Dawn” which is currently touring with the prestigious SAQA exhibit “Seasonal Palette” will have a new home at the close of the tour next year! Measuring 32 x 78″, it is destined to go over the fireplace in a room with 14′ ceilings –wow! sounds magical!


That is five sales so far this year!!


Monday, July 20th, 2015

With the return of hot weather, I have mostly stayed inside and am working on the beading of the last prairie fire piece. It’s a slow process, hopefully worth it for the spark effect.  The Heron is still on hold; I’m still hoping to find the fabric I need on my travels later this summer.  I have trips planned for Des Moines, Oklahoma City and Kansas City for guild programs. In case any of you visit a quilt shop keep an eye out for this fabric, and please let me know if you find it!


 “Seasonal Palette” containing my “December Dawn” continues to travel and a new venue has been added. It will be going to the Gerald R. Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, MI from  July 1, 2016 through August 31, 2016.It has been one of SAQA’s most successful exhibitions ever.  When it finishes its travel it will have been viewed by over 100,000 people at 11 venues on 3 continents including 5 museums.
DecDawn450It is currently showing at the New England Quilt Museum til July 26, then will be going on to show at Texas A&M University.  I’m so lucky to be a part of this SAQA exhibit!


Monday, September 1st, 2014

Progress on the Yorkie piece,

Yorkie2halfYorkieTopIt wasn’t until I got things all sewn together that I saw some places that I need to change. Perhaps today I will do that. But I DO like the new background better.. Once it is layered with white batting, and quilted, those seam lines will not be so obvious.

I’ve been dragging my feet since arriving back home! Don’t EVEN have the quilts all unpacked yet. I spent the afternoon yesterday outside reading the newest Stephen King book, Mr Mercedes. It was hot out but with a nice breeze, not bad in the shade. I was also trying to make contact with the stray dog. He seems to sort of enjoy being talked to now. At least he doesn’t run away.

We got a really nice rain last night, several inches and no run off. It all soaked in and not a moment too soon. Everything was withering away.

This weekend SAQA’s “Seasonal Palette” including my “December Dawn” is showing in BRAZIL!! What a milestone; this is the first time my work has been shown in South America.  Hope they enjoy it!DecDawn450

Exciting News! Not So Much.

Friday, May 30th, 2014

It has just been announced that SAQA’s “Seasonal Palette” Exhibit of which my “December Dawn” is a part has been extended to include new venues. After showing in Brazil this summer, it will carry on to:

September 16-19, 2015 Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork, Alsace, France,

October 2015 Vicenza Festival, Vicenza, Italy,

April 30-May 29, 2016 Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition 2016, National Tainan Living Art Center, Tainan City, Taiwan,

The first SAQA exhibit to travel to four continents!!


I was invited to enter “Fine Art Quilt Masters” at the International show in Birmingham, England this summer. I overcame my worries about shipping overseas and made the entry with “Snow Buddies”. Got the word earlier this week that it did not make the cut and I declined their offer to show it in a different category.  This week also brought news that ALL of my three entries to the KS Art Quilters “EDGE” group show were rejected by the juror.  First time my work will not be part of an EDGE show.

Have You Seen This Fabric?

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Monday it was just beautiful here, with a record breaking high of 77 degrees then yesterday it was 0. We went on a fabric quest but with no luck. I used this batik in the shadowed areas of the Kom’s coat and when I was working on the background, I decided it would be just perfect there, too.

Unfortunately, I have only a little left and it is old. I have searched in vain online, so now I appeal to you. have you seen it anywhere? There must be a shop somewhere that still has some they would love to get rid of. It is a greyed blue mottled background with lighter frosty looking wheat. Kind of large scale with the wheat portion being 3-4 inches. I’d love to find a half yard or a yard somewhere. Please let me know if you have seen it anywhere.

The newest issue of American Quilter just came with a nice article on Seasonal Palette and one of the quilts they showed was “December Dawn” Both as a nice full view and as an installation shot. Great coverage!!

Good news, two acceptances. “Colorado Kids” will be going to AQS, Lancaster and “Who, Me?” to “Celebrate Spring” at the IQA shows starting with spring. “In The Bleak Midwinter” is currently showing at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery and we had a great crowd last night at First Friday in spite of the cold.

Seasonal Palette at Texas Quilt Museum

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

A portion of The Seasonal Palette exhibit is currently being shown at the Texas Quilt Museum. This is a lovely, well lit space.  Some of the walls are white but I love how December Dawn looks on this old brick wall! Unfortunately the space was not large enough for the whole collection to be shown and only 23 of the 37 quilts were selected. Quilts shown left to right:  Ice by Carol J Moore, Silent Snow, The Creek Is Singing by Carol Anne Grotrian, Snow Falls by Linda Colsh, December Dawn by Ruth Powers, Sparkling Forest by Marianne R Williamson. Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 6.16.41 AMPhoto by Vicki Mangum.

Seasonal Palette exhibit at Houston

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

To see a video of the Seasonal Palette exhibit featuring Martha Seilman, executive director of SAQA being interviewed by Luana Rubin, click here.

Seasonal Palette 7

Monday, November 19th, 2012

As usual, I am putting a lot of quilting on the seasonal piece. I think it is looking good and I guess I need to think up a name for it and stop calling it “the seasonal piece!”

I finished the quilting last week; it took so long because it’s big (32 x 78” finished so I’m working at about 35 x 83”) and I was putting in a lot of stitches, but also because I used so many different threads, so was constantly changing colors and burying ends.

I blocked and trimmed it for the binding over the weekend. Trimming was tricky, as it is so long, and the size requirements are precise! Measure twice and cut once didn’t even feel safe. I measured at least four times. I was up in the air about the finishing – facing or binding? I decided on binding a little larger than usual at 3/8”. That was sewed on yesterday and since when I do the binding I always incorporate the sleeve and the documentation tag into the binding seam, I had to commit to a name for the tag. I settled on “December Dawn”. It is short and to the point.

Now all I have left to do is to finish the hand sewing on the back of the binding, the sides and bottom edges of the sleeve and two edges of the documentation tag, sign it, and it will be DONE!


Here you can see the machine stitched signature and a corner folded back to show part of the documentation tag.

Finished March 14, 2012.

Well, have you enjoyed the journey?  Do you want to see what’s next?

Seasonal Palette 6

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Last week (late Nov. 2011) on one of the quilting lists someone posted that she was being sued by a fabric designer for having used that person’s design in a piece that was published in a book. She wouldn’t elaborate or name the designer. Since what I do is all wrapped up in using commercial prints, this was pretty scary! Especially since this piece I am currently working on features so prominently the use of a printed panel cut up and rearranged.

One has to wonder why they would produce quilting fabric and then sue you for using it, but crazier things have happened. I didn’t even want to continue working! I wrote the designer and explained what I was doing and asked for written permission to proceed. It took a couple of days for the answer, during which time I imagined worse case scenarios, like “Now she knows what I’m doing and will be watching and waiting to sue me” But no. Michelle Mara was happy to grant permission. Monday I finished up the last of the seams and the top is finished. I think now it will be set aside since it has an April deadline and I’ll be concentrating on a new piece with a January deadline.  (Harrier Hunting)

Post from Feb. 28, 2012

Time to get back to Seasonal Palette. I’m using Matilda’s Own Wool for the batting and trimming it to a little larger all around than the top. This is the first time I have used wool but I have been hearing good things about it.

I prepared a back using another panel that I found online and purchased because I thought that it would be a good thing to show that I did not just use a printed panel as is, but how the panel looked before I cut it up and rearranged it.

In my stash, I found an old piece of fabric from the late 80’s when I first started quilting, that was the perfect blue to compliment this piece. You can see a bit of the top peeking out there at the bottom as I am trimming to size.

The three layers were pin basted and made ready for the machine quilting. I do free motion machine quilting on my Bernina 1260 with no stitch regulator.

I have spent the better part of three days now quilting on it and have about one third of it finished so I am in good shape to meet the deadline.  Today I will finish the foreground and hopefully get started on the sky.