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Quilt Show News

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Quilt show news to report–

“Snow Buddies” which is currently showing at Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in VA has received an Honorable Mention Award.

“Splash”, which was rejected by Quilt National,¬† has been juried in to the AQS show in Paducah in April.Splash_40x40_full

I spent yesterday afternoon checking it over for loose threads ends and adding it’s documentation tag and re-blocking it to get rid of the facing marks so it would be ready to go when the time comes.

Then I prepared the backing fabric for the prairie fire quilt. I am using a piece of home dec fabric which I like because it has good body and should hang well. However, it is treated to repel water, which could be problem when I try to block the finished wall hanging. I soaked it and scrubbed it in really hot water but it still may be a problem. I hope to get it layered today and maybe even start on the quilting.

The snow is really coming down and we are in for significant accumulation this time so it’s good to have a project!

Quilting In The Snow

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

It looks like the birds have been making quilting patterns in the snow… how neat is that!


Yesterday afternoon was spent packaging patterns and watching Pairs Figure Skating from Sochi. Also getting things organized for my up coming trip to Empty Spools. It looks like starting today the weather is going to warm up to above freezing and be clear so I can stop worrying about getting to the airport!

Grif2014Here is Griffin basking in the glory of cold – don’t feel sorry for him – we have to force him to come in and get warm! He’ll be on guard duty here while I am gone, holding down the fort along with my husband.




Snow and Sundogs

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

It snowed all day yesterday and into the night leaving us with about a foot of snow to cope with.


It was perfect weather to snuggle in under a quilt and remove all of the little bits of freezer paper from the back of the finished dog quilt top, so that is what I did. I could watch the falling snow go horizontally past the window and be thankful to be warm and safe inside. By late afternoon the birds had emptied the feeder and it needed a refill. Our regulars had been joined by less frequently seen customers, like the Carolina Wrens and Red Winged Blackbirds.

This morning our world is pristine, white and sparkly. There are two sundogs in the sky. I have only ever seen one sundog before, so this is a rare phenomenon for me. I tried to get a photo but this does not do it justice, the colors are brighter, they look like slices of rainbow.

SundogThis one is to the left of the sun and there is another to the right.  Very pretty!


Off Line And Out Of Touch

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

In late April, I started having trouble getting online. When the provider found out that my husband had ordered an upgrade they would not help with the old system at all so for a week I was totally offline. When the scheduled day arrived for them to come and install the new system it was snowing. Hard. In May.


So they canceled and we had to wait to be rescheduled. When we were finally back online I discovered that AOL no longer worked. There went another few days as I worked with my “new best friend” in India who called me every day at 4 for 3 or 4 days. I got to where I could understand him pretty good and now things are seemingly back to normal. Knock on wood.

During that time I was pretty busy though. Maybe tomorrow I will show you. You will be surprised!

Snow Buddies – Komondor Art

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

“Snow Buddies” formerly known as “the dogs quilt” is finally finished! It measures 48 x 48″.


Quilting it took a long time due to the size of it and the density of the stitching. These are my dogs, a Komondor, 145 lbs and a Shepard mix, 165 lbs!


I took the photo several years ago and have wanted for some time to make it into an art quilt.   Komondors are a fairly rare breed and it is not easy to find them in art so I was especially interested in doing this for a special exhibit that will take place at International Quilt Festival in Houston in the fall.

For those of you who are not quilters, my work is entirely pieced by machine from bits of commercially printed or hand dyed fabrics and then machine quilted.I love the search for just the right fabric to portray my vision.


Koms are always white and are usually shown with long cords to the ground so they resemble a big rag mop. I don’t show this one so I keep his cords cut back so as to lessen the amount of stuff he can collect outside.¬† Still he can bring in a lot of trash as he loves to roll in leaves and dirt.¬† They both have huge feet and I dread mud season!

The Kaw Valley Quilt Guild met yesterday and I learned that my quilt “The Merchant’s House” won First Place in the Viewer’s Choice voting in the show last weekend.


More Snow, SAQA Auction

Monday, March 25th, 2013

A little over a week ago it was 87 degrees here and I spent the better part of two days working outside, trimming, weeding and transplanting! Now we are covered in snow again, I have never seen snow as deep as this on the branches, at least 7 inches!


It only lasted an hour or so until the wind and the birds knocked it off but it was pretty neat while it lasted.


The whirligig thing looked pretty, too, until the wind came up and the drifting started.

It was the kind of day you want to stay inside and hunker down with some fun project. I finished my 12 inch square for the SAQA auction which I was hoping to get finished in time to send it to them before the April 1 Early Bird Deadline.


In the past my entry has always been in the A group. but I am slow this year and it will be in the B group, I think. “Northern Cardinal” is from a photo I took after the last snowfall, and it came out even better than I expected! I want to keep it!!


The background fabric is a batik with a subtle tree branch print that I purchased especially for this piece. I highlighted some of the print with the quilting lines.


After The Storm

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Yesterday we awoke to a winter wonderland; about six more inches of snow on top of the 11 inches that was already there. It is heavy and wet and much appreciated for the moisture that we so badly need.


Yes it is pretty, but perhaps not so much for those who have to deal with it up close and personal! For me, I’m staying inside because I can!


The birds appreciate the feeders. This one is only a few inches away from the window by my sewing machine so I am treated to their antics all day long.

Speaking of windows, the new ones were installed just before the first storm hit and the workers will have to come back when the weather warms up to paint the outside trim that had to be replaced. Inside, I am slowly getting things back in order. I’ve washed¬† and ironed the curtains and rehung those, and got the furniture back in place. I am working on cleaning all of the venetian blinds so they can be donated to¬† the ReStore since the new windows have blinds inside the panes of glass.¬† Hopefully these will be the last blinds I will ever have to clean!

cardinalinsnowWaiting his turn.

I sewed most of yesterday, having given up on the right fabric, and I am struggling to “make it work” as Tim Gunn would say.¬† It is so not what I had envisioned.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 31st, 2012

2012 has been a wonderful year for me, and I hope for you as well. Best wishes for a very special 2013 for everyone!

Christmas was a blur from the great Grandson tearing into his gifts



to the delicious dinner topped off by this made from scratch cheesecake made by my Grandson. Everyone agreed he can be the official cheesecake baker as it was every bit a good as it looked!


With Christmas out of the way and all of the evidence cleaned up, I was able to get started on the newest art quilt. It is always so exciting to start something new. Here is the progress after about three days of sewing.


This is going to be pretty good sized, what you see here is about 8 x 12″.¬† I’ve spent a couple of hours online looking for some more of that McKenna Ryan fabric that makes good fur, but it is too old and unavailable. No problem, I’ll just use something different, and it will be even more interesting! We are expecting more snow today so I will be happy to stay inside and sew.

You can scroll back to see the photo that I am working from, of our dogs in the snow, taken a few years ago .¬† WordPress has made improvements (?) and I just lost my entire post during the uploading photos stage. I should learn to “save” more often…..

What’s Next?

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Like everyone else, I have been busy getting ready for Christmas. Shopping, wrapping, decorating. planning as well as trying to do all the usual. With “Who, Me?” finished there has been no sewing, but the next piece is in the planning stages and will soon be ready to go. I have chosen the photo of my dogs in the snow from a few years ago,


plotted the sewing lines and all that is left to do is to project it to the finished size and transfer it to freezer paper. But if I do that I will not be able to resist starting the sewing and right now there is too much on my plate to let myself go there!

More Fairy Work

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Yesterday was such a pretty day, 50 degrees in the afternoon, so I HAD to take a walk. The trail through the woods with snow untouched except for a few animal or wild turkey tracks was beautiful, I wish I had taken the camera.

I did some more on the fairy quilt:

I have had this red foxglove fabric for quite some time, purchased it with a certain quilt in mind that is still on the back burner. I may be able to fit some in this piece, though it will drastically change the idea in my head, it does brighten it. Time will tell!