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What a week!

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Another week passed–where did it go? IQF Spring Festival is going on without me this year. I guess I am glad not to be in the mess that is air travel right now!

“Just Dandy” was not deemed dandy enough to be amongst the winners this year. If you want to see what DID win, go here . Congratulations to the winners!
Most of the week was spent trying to get the taxes done; for many years now, I have done them myself with the help of TurboTax, but it gets harder every year! This year it was impossible to download the updates and state forms and of course the fact that I am running late didn’t help! I had panicked Wed when the recorded voice said it would take two weeks to get the CDs and I was unable to talk to a “real person”. An email to HELP resulted in an offer to send them overnight but by the time I got that, I had already made arrangements for a tax professional to do them. A good thing, too, because when the CDs finally did come I was apparently unable to load them correctly and everything I had done prior was lost. It has been a trying week to say the least, but one good thing has come from it. From now on the taxes will be done by the professional and I feel like a very heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders!!

The new pattern quilt is still on the design wall and I am making slow progress on it between other things. It’s scrappy and I had not bought any new fabric for it, but yesterday I realized that none of my white with black prints were large enough so I did have to go out and shop for more fabric. That’s always fun!