Snow Buddies Accepted to Houston

I just got the word that “Snow Buddies” was one of the 30 pieces that was selected to hang and travel with the “Raining Cats and Dogs” exhibit debuting in Houston this fall. This was the exhibit I had in mind when I made this one, inspired by this photo of my two dogs.


You can click on “Dogs” in the side bar to see the completed quilt and to follow the making of it.

It is currently on display and can be seen at the Topeka Art Guild Gallery through the end of July.

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2 Responses to “Snow Buddies Accepted to Houston”

  1. susan hilsenbeck Says:

    Congratulations — very cool.

  2. Martha Ginn Says:

    Ruth, I just knew Snow Buddies would be accepted. It’s been so interesting following the creation–can’t wait to see it in person in Houston. Great news!

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